| R&D Vision

R&D Vision

  • Poly-γ-glutamic acid cross-linking using electron beam cross-linking technology (ebCL)
  • Various physical properties can be manufactured by controlling the radiation dose of electron beam
  • High moisture retention and moisture absorption, natural skin moisturizing factors, synergistic effects in terms of beauty, such as wrinkle relief, are expected.

Other application of γ-PGA

γ-PGA is water soluble, biodegradable, edible, and nontoxic toward humans and the environment. It has been suggested to be a good candidate for various applications, such as thickener, bitterness-relieving agent, cryoprotectant, sustained release material, drug carrier, water-absorbable hydrogel, biopolymer flocculant, and heavy metal absorber.
γ-PGA is attracting more and more interest for its multifarious potential applications in pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, water treatment, agriculture, and other fields

Rabe Co., Ltd. is growing into a company making healthy beauty. it is investing in innovative products based in researches on anti-aging materials through R&D of bio-products using polyglutamic acid