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What is poly-gamma-glutamic acid?

poly-γ-glutamic acid(γ-PGA) is a natural, high molecular and linear polypeptide which mainly produced from microbes, such as Bacillus species.

The cross-linking of γ-PGA

Hydrogels of γ-PGA can be prepared by chemical (PEG, polysaccharide etc.) and physical(UV, gamma irradiation, electron beam etc.) cross-linking process

ebCL Technology

Through Rabe Co., Ltd. proprietary technology ebCL, Obsess forms a cross-linked product through the physical reaction of electron beams without adding chemicals, so there is no risk of residual chemicals.

Electron-beam induced cross-linking(ebCL)

  • - Electron-beam is a kind of β-rays emitted by linear electron accelerator.
  • - Linear electron accelerator is energy effective and can be controlled by on-off of electric power.
  • - The electron-beam cross-linking is the interconnection of adjacent long molecules with networks of bonds induced by free radicals from water and electron-beam reaction.
  • - Electron-beam processing is used in the fields of semiconductor, polymer, sterilization, nanotechnology etc.

Chemical free

The Obsess is fabricated by physical reaction of electron-beam only and there are no risks of residual toxicity.

Texture and Structure of OBSESS HYDROGEL

  • Homogenous of texture

    The electron-beam crosslinking process of OBSESS HYDROGEL is controlled by mechanically and it can imbody a high homogenous of texture.

  • Structure of OBSESS HYDROGEL

    OBSESS HYDROGEL reveals a multi-baglike structure that is capable of enhanced absorption of moisture because of the cross-linking of the peptides.

Obsess advantage

  • activates a natural moisturizing factor, such as pyrolidone carboxylic acid(PCA) and/or urocanic acid.
  • offers an improved visco-elasticity and flow characteristics
  • OBSESS HYDROGEL can reduce the swelling, embossing and lumpy problem of existing filler.

Cytotoxicity , Inflammation and immune reaction

The in vitro cell test (WST assay) confirmed that OBSESS HYDROGEL showed no cytotoxicity.
The in vitro and in vivo tests confirmed that OBSESS HYDROGEL showed no side effect on inflammation and immune reaction.


  • KAERI Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute